A familiarity and relationship to cardboard has been ingrained within multiple aspects of my life that I naturally gravitate towards it.  Cardboard has become a physical embodiment or symbol to which identifies and links back to my various past encounters with its materiality.  For a child, the simple and humble cardboard box, holds potential to stimulate imaginative play within them and enrich their sense of curiosity.  It is a vessel they can transform into a cave, house, etc. or use as canvas for expressively drawn lines.  It is simple yet effective toy that despite being a six sided form with an encapsulated space, its ability to captivate children and as well as myself is surprising.

The fondness of a material to which most would see is a common practical standby, often in the form of boxes, differs from my fascination and attachment towards it.  Relishing in its material qualities, the desire to uncover the extent of cardboard’s capabilities is the combined influences of my past: childhood play, business utility, and architectural modeling.  As I deeply value this paper product as connected to my personal history and perhaps future memories, it continues to manifest into newfound explorations.